~*Beyond the land of Elysion*~  

I think I heard a whisper
A silent hush of sound
I heard it all around me
I heard it from the ground
The mighty beat of wings
The harsh crash of thunder
I hear it, and I feel it
I look upon in wonder
I feel a hand upon my cheek
And everything is gone
All that's there is that touch
I hear a gentle song...
Are you man or are you beast
Or does it really matter?
I look into your graceful eyes
And notice they get sadder
Can I look behind those eyes?
Can I fly upon those wings?
I trust you from a distance
I think I heard a bell ring
Can you see my dream?
Can you see my heart?
Can you feel the hurt inside
When we are far apart?
Tell me beautiful dreamer
Tell me...

A tear on my cheek
I didn't know I could cry
What has become of me
I wonder if I will die
Trapped and bonded alone
I fear only the worst
Yet in my greatest sorrow
I see a bright light burst
I met you in your youth
How beautiful you looked
Your heart was so strong
Your mind an open book
I want to be with you
I want to hold your hands
I feel like I can trust you
Can you save my land?
Can you see the hurt I feel
When you are in danger?
I see love in your eyes
For a perfect stranger
I love those eyes
Are you the one?
The maiden I seek?
Tell me beautiful dreamer
Tell me...

-Kishoka Hime
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